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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The many worlds or the modern theodicy

Hang two worlds - there are so many- josseling around - worlds we are citizens of, and move freely between- worlds we force to coagulate and separate. These world might be neatly arranged into some kin form some kind a Pyramid, with a
At their apex lies the odd actual world. This is a strange complex place of its own- for it cobbles together both individual minds, the truth we know and the ones we guess about other minds, memory, and events - all lie together in this world. truths are then created socially, and believes, but always tested and transformed by events- events that mind their meaning in the fabrics they erupt into. a world where no human can feel themselves unimportant (they are at every one time their own local centre) and yet at the same time they are aware that their center in shifts across time, and changes where it is (they change), or again that evens and other ensure that where they thought the wold was centred is never simple, and never exactly where they might have thought it was. A world of a wandering centred- and myriad perspectives. we know that others are on their same journey - moving around heir own perspectives, findling their own realities - finding their own truths, which refract into our own truths, our own current point of view.
The square based pyramid has then four faces, faces that meet at the edge, and which if you could look at then from outside would imply then were other mirror world to our own (or many)where the orders, the events and possibly even the humans are different. and yet those worlds are of course hidden -only the edges are visible, with faces that form distinctive pairs.
to the north and the east are faces that appear to open out onto the worlds of reality as it might be lived by objects themselves. The great north face then patterns this other world in terms of sciences - with the most fundamental physics lost at the bottom of the pyramid hidden from perspective - while layers and layers of separate worlds are built up upon these truth. Each such world, each ayer of building is complex and complete in themselves, each their own world, once certain assumptions are given, once relation between it and the world earlier are established.A face is the formed of hidden reality- of this of the world to be known.
As the face gets closer and closer to the real human world it will of course change a little. it clearly starts to reflect up also reach into that world. Yo can see clearly lines running up into the apex creating disturbance. More than that there are clear affinities between what is happening in the real humans world at the top and the eddies and changes on the face below. the latter describes to a degree the former - is supports that human world and clearly makes somethnin in possible, and yet as it does so, the human lines run into that face. Once these lines are seen they seem to run further than one might think down the face, towards that fundamental level. One starts then to look for links between circles of physics and the conscious minds(this link in then one of the edges).
The Each face is an odd one- for ti s made of events big and small, linked and unlinked - events of the world. these events as the some up towards the real world start to form order chains, changing whose top most slice then mirrors the human worlds exactly one almost cannot tell the two apart. One might be at the apex on that last world. And yet the face is so distinct. for once one is the world of events, ones eye naturally slides down to other things the same events might have created, other worlds one is already in (these tend to lie to the south on this face) and other links or loops between these same events (which lie to a degree to the north). The of the face seems to be the most chaotic- many events many world see, to meet, as other events stream in, ones and consequences that never happened, dark world or other worlds, worlds of noting or worlds of possibility. the existing a huge affinity (bit no identity) between this choasmosis of worlds and the world of the fundamental layers of science. Both are a chaos of possibility and other worlds. The edge between the two being compose of endless experiences (on the science side), and their ramification (on the events) a world of dates and local legends, which span into their respective faces, creating eddies and possibilites.
To the south and West lie the human worlds. The West face, is the world of Humanity that capital 'H'. The worlds of morality and ethics. It joins science on an edge in which human conscious and conscience seem to demand a reality in the scientific faces or at least pitch it is own problem. This is then the world the top point claims to honor and respect- the world of perfectable societies and social systems. A world with its foundation in legend, which lie at the bottom, and somehow allow this face to appear distinct from science and give all that follows into shining character. Above this fundamental assumptions worlds of morality and ethics lies. and yet and yet there is something wrong with this world, once you get beyond it pointillistic order. if you look at the pictures in them, they are often disturbed and change lights appear to play through them. The fact image might if one changes the angle actually transform and become rather draker. annthe mor so if one runs eyes not from top to the bottom but say from the bottom to the top or diagonally. The worlds then that might from one angle look like a succession of perfections, would also else where appear dark suppression and near fantasy. there is then a real feeling that things might not be as one thought they were- or how one thought they where. Maybe the moral order- maybe the humanity a mere trick of the light? All the more so as edge of this Western world meets with the north shadow axis of the pyramid.
the northern shadow face is the world of rumour- they other world where distortion of reality always appear as the truth. A world that sets of from the top, and the human worlds which is only distorts a little in the reporting, and yet very soon the echoes of those rumours have grown and changes,into something very different, very weird or threatening or just plain odd. ranging across this world are then the worlds we think we live in- the ones other tell us about, the rumours we almost belief. a world that is utterly disturbed by the same kind of score lines that pock mark the world of bright humanity. The two worlds appear then in a sense to reflection of the other. and yet there is a clear difference. The Western face imposes its order upon the face. The order is appearance, the disruption then is hidden and yet their. this face by contrast appears all disruption, all rumours, and yet across this rumour are clearly half orders appears, across the scores one sees a near structure. A structure that is never simply imposed - and yet might well be judged. so much so that the Base of this pyramid appears an ordered world where these rumours are worked out and all the grinding around create their own reality. There might then be a real order somewhere in this face- and yet all is chaos and grinding folly. one gets the impression that near the top are lies, distortions of real problems.
We live then less in the one world or the two, but the shiftings perspectives of a pyramid whose faces create very many worlds many possible ways to see this one and to change with it- man options. And the danger we all face is never knowing quite where we are.

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