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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Shadow light

We live in the shadow light of so many 'well known events - events that have taken place of mythlogy and God. Events that we cannot query overmuch or question - events that we are told simply are. Without such deep mythologies state and economy would of course transform and quite possible become unstable.
no reason to moan here - after all all cultures are always the same- they all use mythology and legend, well known stories to define their position. And yet of course there is something odd both about our tales, and about our tellers. The tales only work when they claim to be not myth so much as truth- and elsewhere in our thinking we have of course set the truth bar very very high - What else is science? We have then a faith that our myths, particuliarly the ones defining our relations with others ought to be very high. We assume then things are true in the scientific sense that are merely myth- worse than that we assume that ideas defined within our cultural practice (freedom defined by democracy alone as if the two were one and the same) were both universal in application and easy in comprehensions. Problems that are very hard then are made seem easy (and so actually become impossible to solve), and an entire sad history is pulled out.
Worse than that of course if the well known truths are easy to implement those who do not do so are clearly really just very very bad- and so need to be punished (or instructed). It is never the myth that is the trouble, never our worlds, after all- it MUST BE 'em.
What is more our modern myth bringers are clearly a media that have lost all sight of when they are myth spinning and when actually reporting. they are in this of course working in the old storytelling tradition- news and myths are scrambled together- which was fine is a culture which knew and allowed for this fact, but sits oddly in a world where these truths must be treated as if they were by true, by quizzling politicians anyway. All the more so as these myths create a shadow world, of not just well known facts but cod science which apes the real stuff, and provides an on running mythic or moralizing commentary for it. One again in terms of anthropology this kind of mythologizing of the real world in nothing very special- it happens all the time and what else are dreams anyway?) -no the problem sis that we are presented with this hocus pocus as truth (which is never fine).
But the real trouble i think is this- that our society is rather too complex for this kind of shadow light. that is our reality is deep and turbulent, complex and challenging - there is so much more to modernity than their were to other times- more people, more thought, more current. It is then so much easier both to mythologize (and perhaps actually more necessary than ever to do so), but also even more easy to then mistake those myths for turbulent reality. myths becomes the simpler version of what is happening, and starts very quickly in its simplifying way to run the show- it seizes control of the money and guns and becomes what it is all about- and God damn anything and everything else that resists.
It a world of torrid and turbulent reality- it very easily slips into being the plain and simple, truth.
We entire a strange world then where myths ceases being what we fight crusades for, the holy principle to defined, and actually becomes the very battle itself, and its after math, and everything in it. a world where only the shadow light is clear.
Oh help.

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